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We are serious about trees

Trees are like people.  They come in all different shapes and sizes and each tree has a personality all its own.  Whether you need 1 tree for your front yard or 1,000 trees for a city park, we will help you achieve your vision for today that lasts for generations to come.   When you plant a tree, it’s a gift for all. People and nature will enjoy its beauty, shade and positive impacts on our environment for years.


A short history, but lots of success

Nestled back in Highlands, TX a 29-acre tree farm has quietly supplied over 400,000 trees to the surrounding areas over the last 13 years.   Life here began in 2006 when Gene and Farris Lenamond moved their small tree farm from John Martin Rd to its current location.   As a wholesale only nursery, L & L Trees grew and sold to municipalities, city and park projects & energy companies for 9 years.   Purchased in 2015 and reopened as TreeLife Farms, we’ve grown our clientele through excellent customer service and continuing to stock a large variety of trees unavailable through most nursery and store outlets, just like Gene and Ferris did years ago.   

For 3.5 years

Family Operated


Return Customers


Trees grown and distributed throughout the community
Who do we work with?


WE ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! We are the retail and wholesale outlet for trees, shrubs and fertilizer in the area!

Visit Tree Life Farms for all your landscaping and tree needs. We have a friendly, on-site staff to help answer any questions you might have.


We work with many larger companies in the Houston area and beyond. A few of the clients we have in our history: HCTRA, TX DOT, several city municipalities, as well as many oil, gas and energy companies,

Everyone In-between

From local and regional landscapers, to non-profit organizations and new retail centers, we are happy to help our clients complete any project presented to us.
Have an upcoming project? Want to add to your current landscape? Come in and make a purchase or let us help!


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Open to the public




3703 Fig Orchard Rd
Highlands, TX 77562