Apache Tree Grant Project

The Apache Tree Grant Program focuses on restoring wildlife habitats, repairing storm damage, and enhancing cities and neighborhoods through trees. Tree varieties requested must be native to the growing area. The program grant covers the cost of the trees and delivery to the recipient’s designated location. It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to plant and care for the trees.

Apache's Tree Grant, along with TreeLife Farms offset 31,800 tons of CO2 by planting trees 2015-2018.

2018 Grant Participation will continue with same service and engagement with recipients.
30-35 Tree varieties available

The 2018-2019 Apache Tree Grant program distributed over 58,000 trees to 59 Grant Recipients in TX, LA, OK, and NM! 

√ Positive ecological impact
√ Community engagement
√ Giving back to our local communities


Mon - Wed - 7am - 4pm
Thurs - Fri - 7am - 5pm
Sat - 8am - 2pm

Open to the public




3703 Fig Orchard Rd
Highlands, TX 77562